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Happy Land (1994)

A cantata in two parts with texts compiled from folk verses held at The Vaughan Williams Library

1) Happy Land - Gorton Town
2) The Working Man
3) The Coal Trade
4) Birmingham Lads - Song of the Staffordshire Men
5) Fuddling Day
6) The Man Who Waters the Workers Beer
7) Would You to be a Great Lord?
8) The Song of the Factory Girl
9) Songs of Radical Intent
10) The Dudley Tunnel Song

11) The Decline of Trade
12) The Redundant Railwayman
13) Farewell to ‘Cotia - The Men Who Make the Steel
14) Coulter’s Candy
15) Nae Wark
16) Songs of the People
17) The Wednesbury Concert

Soprano, tenor, baritone, flute, guitar and double bass

Score and parts available


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