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The Thieving Dinosaur (1995)

Thirteen easy pieces

1) Here are the Protoceratops
2) Ceratops build their nest
3) Oviraptor stalks the Ceratop nest
4) Lullaby of the Ceratop eggs
5) Oviraptor steals the Ceratop egg
6) Ceratops vain pursuit
7) Lament for the Ceratop egg
8) What are we Ceratops going to do?
9) Ceratops stalk Oviraptor’s hideout
10) Ceratops attack Oviraptor who flees
11) The egg has hatched!
12) Triumphant return to the nest
13) Let’s do the Ceratop bop

Solo piano

Published by Ararat Music - AR0009 basket


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